Microblading - Eyebrows

This is a fantastic alternative for everyone who appreciates the delicate, natural look. This is also a proposal for those who want to offer eyebrow styling and are looking for an option located mid-way between traditional henna dyes and the classic pigmentation. 

Microblading is a manual method for drawing an imitation of hairs on the eyebrow arch. It is used not only for eyebrows with poorly visible hairs, but also for thick brows, in order to stabilize their shape.

Microblading is performed with pigments of intense colors, because the delicate hairs fade a few days after the procedure. This manual method is definitely less durable than the traditional one, which means intense color is necessary to make the makeup last longer.

The microblading method requires precision, feeling and plenty of practice. Particularly important elements include the correct drawing, technique of work with the blade and the creation of the correct hairline. This procedure requires sterile cleanliness and applying common sense at work.

The drawing for the microblading procedure is done according to principles other than for the classical method. The procedure is performed with a special pen which must be carefully disinfected after each use. The right blade, with specially cut ending, is fitted into the pen at a specific angle to ensure the procedure gives a good result. The angle and the type of the blade are very important for the appropriate turn of the pen during the procedure, which ensures achieving the optimum hair effect.

The procedure lasts for about 30 minutes. It can be slightly unpleasant for the client, but the super-natural result compensates for the discomfort. Directly after the procedure the makeup appears intense and not very natural, which changes over the next days. The client should absolutely observe the post-procedure recommendations to ensure safety, hygiene and lasting effects.

The eyebrows treated with the microblading method appear delicate, charming and casual. Every year their form and intensity can be changed slightly, to influence the appearance of gravity-induced changes.

The advantages of Microblading

  • totally natural appearance
  • possibility to lightly style the eyebrow arch
  • possibility to thicken the eyebrows
  • imitation of hairs
  • possibility to control the shape of the arch through repeating the procedure every year
  • alternative for henna treatment for at least one year (delicate effect)
  • subtle and precise drawing of the hairs

Drawbacks of Microblading

  • short-lived method
  • (dry skin - up to 15 months, oily skin - up to 12 months)
  • if performed unskilfully, can lead to scarring and migration (bleeding) of pigment
  • lack of color intensity in comparison to the classical natural shading method